The first part of the rebrand process with Ankor was to upgrade their current logo, typography and colour palette to give the brand a more consistent feel across all of their platforms. Below you'll see their logo both before and after, there was already some strong brand indicators that actually we wanted to keep. Sometimes you don't need to stray to far from your current formula it's just about refining what is already there.


Physical marketing isn't dead, not by a long shot especially if you are a bricks and mortar business, it's just more important than ever to be creative with how you interact with people. Using the new brand guidelines we created a flyer for local use, as well as a double sided information sheet on what to do in cases of a 'Back Pain Attack'. This neatly distills Ankor's USP into something usable, different and recognisable that can be used both as a physical handout or downloadable guide.


As well as the physical assets we created a suite of on brand templates for email marketing, further solidifying the brand across all mediums.


We also completed a full rebuild of the Ankor Website. This consisted of a full visual overhaul to reflect the new brand and ethos of the studio, integrated booking, mailing lists and free class booking popups / forms throughout. There are also a number of more unique features aimed at lead generation, mainly a Back Pain Quiz that gives users different results based on their inputs and a free Back Pain Resources area. People can create a free account and access useful resources, helping to build Ankor's position so that when a prospect is in a buying position it will be with Ankor Pilates.

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If you are a therapist, online coach, studio owner or anyone in a similar field I'd love to have a chat with you to see whether similar systems could help improve your business and minimise the time you spend on administration! Drop me an email and we'd love to set up a zoom meeting. Even if we don't end up working together, it's great to chat ideas with different people it's no pressure from me! Brad.

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