Website Rebuild

Eat Real came to me wanting to create a new website that better reflects the key pillars of their brand. They pride themselves on the transparent nature of their healthier snacks and wanted a website that reflects that. I worked with Eat Real to create a bespoke website that includes social media integration so that content is automatically updated, switchable contact forms for consumer and business enquiries, full range listings with online retailer purchase links and nutritional information and more!

Dynamic Product Listings

It was important to display the range in a way that gets a lot of information across without cluttering the user interface or presenting large swathes of text! Every product range is listed along with ingredient information, key descriptions and links to online retailers that display beautifully on both desktop and mobile.

Location Based Store Finder

It was also important to have a location based store finder so that consumers could locate their nearest store. With over 1000 stores loaded into the system users can either enter an address or we can use IP based Geo Location targeting to show a user their closest retailers including links, opening times, contact information and lines stocked to give the customer the best experience possible.

Get In Touch With Us

If you want to know more about either refreshing your current website or creating an entirely new one, I would love to chat to you and be involved. Whether you want to improve the experience for your customers, improve the design or add new features I'm sure that I can help! Drop me an email and we can set up a no obligation chat to bounce around some ideas, Brad.

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