Firston Media have been soooo great at putting my website & logo together. As someone who isn’t the most tech savvy (if at all), Brad created exactly what I wanted (from a very vague explanation). He somehow created the perfect logo for my business and I’m so excited to put it everywhere. It was fast and I was included in everything, shown how everything works and no request was ever too much of an ask. The perfect balance of friendly and professional and I will be using Firston Media for all my future projects! Thanks so much

Isabel Dawkes - ID Health Founder

Front End Design

Following our work with ID Health towards the end of 2019 in which we developed the branding a simple brochure site, we linked up again to work on a full suite of business tools to launch the business now that Isabel had fully qualified as a Nutritional Therapist. The first thing on the agenda was to create a slick website front end that shows exactly what ID Health offers and really gets Isabels personality across.

Client Onboarding

One of the important features was that the client on boarding was easy, detailed and automated so that Isabel doesn't have to spend lots of time on administration tasks or paperwork. Once a client has decided upon their membership option they are automatically taken through a registration and payment process, setting up their own ID Health account and monthly payments. From there, they are automatically supplied with all relevant on boarding paperwork which can be signed electronically from any of the clients devices. This paperwork is then securely stored with 2 Factor Authentication and automatically converted to a signed, downloadable PDF that is automatically deleted once downloaded by the therapist.

Once that process is completed, the client books their first session through a booking platform that Isabel can preload her hours into, making the end to end onboarding process not only completely automated, but fully secure and data privacy compliant.

Membership Area

Improved Client Service

We also built Isabel a members area that not only allows her to offer a better service to her 1:1 clients but allows her to sell lower tier memberships, generating an extra revenue stream through clients that don't want or need 1:1 services.

Online Courses

Fully automated online courses that drip content over time based on the members joining date. Allowing Isabel to sell courses and create income from monetising her expertise.

Content Feeds

Integrated content feeds allow Isabel to create new recipes, educational videos and other pieces of content which are automatically added into the relevant section of the members area, allowing her to quickly add extra content which improves the service and retention of members.

Get In Touch With Us

If you are a therapist, online coach, studio owner or anyone in a similar field we'd love to have a chat with you to see whether similar systems could help improve your business and minimise the time you spend on administration! Drop us an email and we'd love to set up a zoom meeting. Even if we don't end up working together, it's great to chat ideas with different people it's no pressure from us!

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