I could not be happier with my experience with Brad at Firston Media!! I contacted him from a word of mouth referral from another Posture Therapist to help me set up a membership area of my website. I went ahead and hired him to convert the front end of my website to Wordpress as well. I’m in the US so we couldn’t talk on the phone, but Brad was quick to hop on Zoom calls for any communication that could not be done over email. He always came to our meetings extremely prepared. He had all the conversion fees prepped from pounds to American dollars which really impressed me at our first meeting. He was quick to respond to emails and make any adjustments to the website as we went. He was so fast, he was waiting on me for all the content because his part was done! I don’t outsource often, but I’m sooooooo glad I outsourced my website to him. I tell all my clients and Posture Therapist friends about his work just in case they ever need his services. He is also just a really personable guy!

Rachel Marek - Precise Posture Founder

Front End Design

Rachel came to us wanting to refresh her existing website, giving it more of an identity as well as a clearer focus for clients both new and returning. The first focus of the project was to build the front end of the website, with one of the key focuses being explaining clearly what Postural Alignment Therapy is and why prospects would benefit from it.

Simplified Joining

Rachel wanted a system that would take care of onboarding and payments for her, without requiring her to spend time setting up new accounts, chasing payments or organising paperwork. The website allows prospects to select the membership that suits them, create their account and setup their recurring payments automatically. With all onboarding and payment collections being handled, as well as missed payments and account queries taken care of automatically by the back end system.

Generating Revenue Through Online Services

Online Classes

The system allows Rachel to sell spaces for upcoming classes as well as ones that have already been. Rachel is able to load on future classes and take bookings and payments upfront as well as selling classes that have already taken place or are pre-recorded. Once a class is purchased the class is shared privately with the customer, allowing Rachel to continue to generate income from classes after they have taken place.

Membership Area

The website comes complete with a back of house membership area, allowing Rachel to sell memberships to her website. This area houses members only content as well as all previous classes that incentivises recurring monthly revenue over ad hoc purchases.

Member Onboarding

The new member journey is taken care of automatically through a series of automated emails and specifically designed landing pages. Giving members the best first impression whilst minimising the amount of emails and queries that Rachel has to respond to.

Get In Touch With Us

We've been lucky enough to work with a number of Postural Alignment Therapists and Therapists from other disciplines, so we understand the customer journey and how we can support you in moving aspects of your business online. If you'd like to just have a chat with us about how we might be able to help, please get in touch we'd love to speak to you. Even if we don't end up working together, if can be so useful to just bounce ideas off of someone a little bit different!

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