It’s an interesting topic for sure and one for which there isn’t necessarily a steadfast right or wrong answer, there are however a number of different things that you need to consider as a coach or business owner which we will cover here. Of course people are in different places with their content creation, output levels, the information you want to get across and how that is delivered however regardless of any of those different points, these considerations will be important things to think about when you are putting content out there under the banner of your brand.

There is a clear distinction between working ‘on’ your business and working ‘in’ your business, especially if you are a coach that works with clients. Essentially for most coaches, 90% or more of their time is spent working with their clients, dealing with their needs and delivering a service which is of course the life blood of your business. There is however at times a lack of emphasis on working ON your business. This can be producing or creating content, investing in your platforms to better serve your members, improving the way that you serve your current clients, creating tools to generate and convert leads and other similar activities. These are crucial tasks that enable you to either earn more or increase the spend that each client makes with you.

The reason that is relevant is because working ON your business is where the use of assets comes into play, those can be anything from social media images through to PDF booklets that you might distribute to clients or leads. We’re going to get into a bit more detail now about why those are important, how the source of those images plays an important role and look at whether or not they are actually helping you work on your business, or hindering you.

Are you using pre made assets that are sold at scale?

Firstly, it’s important to note that of course it can be time consuming to produce assets yourself however there are loads of great platforms out there that make it really easy to create images without needing experience or software, examples like Canva make it quicker and easier although with results that vary in quality. It’s not always going to be feasible for people to create bespoke assets all of the time, so I just wanted to address that and get it out of the way. Now, it’s no surprise to know that brands, individuals, coaches etc that are towards the top of their respective fields or industries often have in house design teams, agencies that support them, links with designers that work on important projects etc. There is a VERY good reason for this, your content needs to not only be unique to you but it needs to be coherent with your wider brand that speaks to your audience. You would NEVER see these people reusing assets that are openly available in the same format to other people.

Say for example that you follow a coach in your field that you aspire to, like their content, appreciate their work or whatever it might be, if you began to notice them sharing the same content as other people would that damage their reputation? I have literally worked with coaches (recently) who have been using ebooks as a free giveaway to try and generate leads which is of course, a good idea. However, the content was an ebook that was being sold by one of the numerous sellers that have popped up recently selling templates for something like £20 which they just stick your logo on and recolour. Now this coach actually had some leads that during the follow up process made it clear that they had already downloaded the EXACT same product from a different coach, literally identical apart from a logo and colours, needless to say these leads did not convert. Not only do they not convert but it’s highly likely that your brand is now damaged in their eyes, after deciding to interact with you and take the first step into your sales infrastructure, this is the important of creating materials that are unique.

It isn't just larger assets either, it happens on a micro scale

You will have seen it yourself, people offering social media asset packs for £10 which include a whole host of images that come complete with your logo and colours, however the content is still exactly the same regardless of who uses it, as is the layout. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen multiple coaches share literally the same infographic, again this hurts your credibility in the eyes of your audience. It might not even be that the person you are being benchmarked against created it, but if a potential client enters your sales process and notices something they’ve seen another coach provide the assumption will be that the other coach had it first. I’m not naive enough to think that there is a never ending conveyor belt of new content to create infographics about, HOWEVER, they should at least match your brand in a way that creates audience buy in using some of the key points listed in the next paragraph.

That sounds like a whole lot of bashing on the use of pre made assets and I guess it was, there are situations in which it can be a viable alternative but it’s really important that you objectively ask yourself is this what’s right for my brand right now? If you are starting out, it’s early days and you really need the support quickly and cheaply then of course it can be a sensible option but there will come a point of diminishing returns, as you grow you need to consider whether to take your brand to the next level, you need to start to take your content & asset creation more seriously.

Your brand is more than just a logo & a colour scheme

As you create more content across different applications it’s important to start to think about your brand guidelines in their entirety, if you think about the brands that you like and identify with you will know that you can recognise it by far more than just the logo. There is significantly more to coherent and holistic branding that just slapping your logo onto something and changing the colour, a few examples would be ;

  • Tone (does it match the way you speak and interact with your clients/audience)
  • Font
  • Hierarchy
  • Positioning
  • Story

Then of course you have the considerations of your logo and different versions of it, the wider colour palette that your brand employs, the type of imagery that is associated with your brand etc. These are all things that you simply can not address when using pre made assets and this is why as brands progress, they take these things within their own control. I’d like to assume that you wouldn’t use pre made programs when delivering something to your client, so why would you when you try to attract them in the first place?


That’s my two pence on the topic anyway based on my experience working with & for both small independent coaches & business owners as well as large corporate companies, ultimately the ethos should be the same regardless. I’d love to know what you think about it, drop us a DM on Instagram @Firstonmedia or get in touch if you need any help at all in this area. We offer a free online platform assessment that can be really useful if you just want to chat to someone about how you currently operate.

Thanks for reading