It’s no surprise that more people are trying to gather data in the form of free giveaways, for years it’s been an effective way to gain peoples information at a low buy in cost, with the aim of providing enough value that you can convert that customer down the line. However this has come at a cost, as this practice has become increasingly common, the execution has dropped significantly which has resulted in a reluctance from potential customers to continue to give their details to countless mailing lists.

What Lead Magnet Should I Use?

Now this post is mainly to focus on the part that a LOT of people don’t think about, which is what happens after you’ve put your creation out there but it would be poor form to not at least mention the type of lead magnet you are using. Despite what a lot of people will tell you, really you only get ONE CHANCE at this, maybe two if you’re lucky but give out shit and people won’t be rushing back to download other things from you. It sounds obvious, make sure it’s relevant to your audience but you’d be surprised how often it’s something that isn’t thought through and is hastily thrown together.

You’ve got a couple of options here but the first thing you need to ask yourself is what the purpose of this item is, do you want to funnel people into a particular product or service or is it just a more general attempt at introducing people to your business as a whole? Let’s say your a Personal Trainer or Online Coach but you have a specific 12 week fat loss course that you want to try and introduce people to, then it makes sense to offer a lead magnet that focuses specifically on Fat Loss. Anyone that downloads it is therefore qualified for that product to a certain extent right away. Maybe you are a Yoga Studio but rather than trying to fill a class that cover a specific type of Yoga you just want to introduce beginners to your studio, logically it would then make sense to offer something that targets beginners who have a general interest in yoga.

You've Decided On Your Magnet, What Now?

Now that you’ve made it this far, the question that you SHOULD be asking yourself is ‘what happens once someone has downloaded’ whatever your item is?! Quite often people don’t actually make it that far, the assumption is ‘well I’ve spent time making this great free thing so surely someone will download it, love it and then want to work with me or join my class or buy my thing’? If only it were that easy!

Getting a prospect to download your lead magnet is only CHALLENGE 1, getting them to actually use it is challenge 2 so hopefully you put some time and effort into whatever you gave them! The important thing to think about now is what happens after someone has your free item? If you are just hoping on a whim and a prayer that they now convert, good luck! This is where automations come in, a series of activities that are set up that relate specifically to whatever you have offered designed to engage with that person, make them think, increase the value and assert that you are the expert. Providing you can do that, when the time comes that the prospect enters a buying mentality you will be top of that list.

So how does that look and how would it work? Automations more often that not means a series of pre made emails using one of many popular email services that go out a pre determined intervals to people that download your magnet. The great thing is, you can get as granular in detail with these automations as you want to. I’ll leave the mega detail for another time but as an example you can apply tags to people that take certain actions eg : click a link, don’t open an email or open but don’t click through, then assigning specific follow up emails based on that persons actions. For now though, let’s look at a more basic example.

How Does It Look In Practice?

Let’s use our example from before and say that you are an Online Coach, launching an online group fat loss course over the next few months that you want to start planting the seed for. Your process may look something like this ;

Create A Strong Lead Magnet

Create and give out a free lead magnet that ISN’T just a crap e-book that will rot in their inbox. You opt for an info sheet on the top 5 most common misconceptions when it comes to fat loss, supplemented with a weekly tracker that they can print and mark off whether or not they manage to avoid these 5 common pitfalls.

Provide A Follow Up

They receive an email after 7 days, checking in on whether they found the tracker useful and how they got on using it. Do they have any questions on the 5 common misconceptions and do they have any feedback on other tools they might find useful?

Distribute Some More Relevant Content

3 days later they receive another nice little update. This time however, it’s a more detailed email, talking about some of the best ‘quick food substitutes’ to try and lower their calorie intake, not only that but it comes with a little ‘food swap cheat sheet’ that might have some gems they’ve not tried before.

Touch Point & Invite Feedback

5 days later, you guessed it one more email. Hey how are you getting on, did you try and of my little food swaps and which was your favourite? Maybe you’ve got some that you can share with me that my sheet didn’t include? This email is all about trying to encourage dialogue and a feeling of trust.

Present The Relevant Product, With A Pre General Sale Invitation

A few days later, you email out letting them know that you’ve just released a new 12 week fat loss course and they are finding out about the spaces available before a general release, because they are part of your newsletter

Now this isn’t rocket science, you can obviously replace all of the content with whatever topic works for your business but think about the difference between that approach and the common approach which is that someone downloads something, hears nothing and then weeks later gets an email trying to sell them something. Which one do you think would be more effective?

Yes it takes a bit of time to set things like these up, yes some thought has to go into it but it will absolutely improve your conversion, and even IF people don’t convert at that point you are ready to sell to them, the likelihood that they will at some point is significantly higher as a result of following this process. I’ve used this exact process with numerous clients and had great success levels. Don’t get stuck in that mindset of ‘I don’t want to give away too much for free’, this is all about building value and you aren’t giving away information that people couldn’t find for themselves or from someone else. This is about cementing your position as the expert, building trust and putting yourself in a position that when a buying time does come, your are the first name on the list.

If you made it this far, I hope that was useful even it it just made you think more about the way that you use lead magnets. If you need any support at all with automations, email marketing, product launches etc please just drop me an email on [email protected] and I’d love to help. Even if we don’t end up working together, it can still be really useful to just chat about your ideas with someone!